Reception and Services

A multitude of services to simplify your holidays and enrich your stay ...

An attentive team to your desires offers personalized advices

Loan Library - Guides, Topo, Books, Journals
Weather of the day
Info activities of the week - Dish of the day at the snack bar, concerts, shows, schedule of the kid's club
Public transport info
Loan of material - and ornithological and botanical guides
Tourist information area - Pretstataires of the region, flyers, animations

Communicate with ease

Facilitate the everyday

Free Wifi - at the reception and at the snack bar
Wifi on all the camping - paying, secure and unlimited (price day, week and family)
Free phone - on fixed numbers in France and Europe
Rental - Refrigerators
Special baby - Loan BB material, cot, high chair and bath
Rental - Sheets and towels

In the heart of the campsite, a place to live for your purchases, to eat and to have a good time

Snack and groceries - Le Petit Liou Snack

A friendly space to eat and relax on the terrace while having the opportunity to discover fresh, quality and / or local products, to taste our homemade pizzas or homemade ice creams, to have a meal on the go, to quench your thirst with a wide selection of craft beers and syrups ... A grocery store offers organic and fair trade products and local products, a bread store, pastries, basic necessities.

A TV, allows you to follow and share the major sporting events of the summer!

Schedules adapted to your holidays

Home: 8am30-12am and 1pm30-8pm (July - August)

Swimming pool: 10am30 to7pm (half June - half September)

Snack: 7am to 8pm30 (July - August)

Grocery: 7am45 to 8pm30 (July - August)

Laundromat: 24h (April - September)

Children's Club: 9am30 to 12am and 2pm to 5pm (July - August)

Discover the local producers we work with