Our actions - Our projects

2017: The illustrator and author Anne-Catherine De boel as a guest star at the Petit Liou !  

From the Petit Liou’s initiative and in the framework of the national partnership between Sites & Paysages and the book “ Partir en Livre”, the illustrator and author Anne-Catherine De Boel has agreed to participate in several meetings with young children of the region and to animate a workshop of creation of frescoes with the children of the Camping. For 3 days, the children made the sketches to color 3 large frescoes on the theme of birds, fishes and insects. A beautiful reading session was hosted by Marie-Paul of the association Lire et Faire Lire.   

Camping has associated R.E.S.P.E.C.T.S. the three programmed events in Baratier, Embrun and Gap: July 26, meeting and dedication of the author at the bookstore Charabia in Embrun and July 29 at the bookstore La Loupiote in Gap. 



2016: A great reward: the 2016 Corporate Citizenship Trophy  

In 2016, Le Petit Liou received the Corporate Trophy awarded by the CCI of Hautes-Alpes, in the category "Citizen and Responsible Business". The campsite was selected and rewarded for its involvement in a constructive environmental approach and in particular for its Ecolodge project.

2012: A project made in Petit Liou: the ecolodge 


Born from our imagination and designed by Yasmine and Franck, the Ecolodge is the achievement of a dream. The project was to construct a rental that meets a great environmental requirement, offering a simple esthetic and integrated into the landscape, while remaining financially accessible for a maximum of campers. It was made in cooperation with the local company Tao, which is based in Embrun. The ecolodge is designed in natural and sustainable materials: straw, wood, green roof. The ecolodge offers amazing thermal performance : very good insulation with 15 cm of straw. Particular care has been taken in its design to offer an unforgettable experience to users, closer to nature, with large openings on the landscape.